Creating a User

Majid Latif

One of the first tasks worth doing is creating users for your new directory, by default you will only have the admin account so its essential you begin adding users. These users can then be used to login to all your other connected resources. 

There are ways to create users in bulk but this article is focused on creating singles users through the web portal UI. Creating users is very straightforward, you can define lots of properties in the user creation form, in this article we cover the mandatory items only.

1. User Directories Page

Navigate to the User Directories menu item.

From here you can manage all your users and groups. 

From the Green Cog icon, you can manage a single user, from disabling the account to configuring up various authentication settings. 

2. Creating a New User

By default, you will only have the admin account to start with. Click the Create button at the bottom of the User table. This presents you with the user creation form. 

The mandatory items are:

  • Username
  • Password (configured in the Password tab)

Additional properties can be set such as an email which can be used to automatically notify the user of their new account on the portal by checking the Send notification to new user checkbox.

That's all there is to it. Now the user account can be used to log in to your IT resources.