Access Manager: Running on AWS


Nervepoint Access Manager can be used on Amazon AWS however we do recommend that you use the AMI image we have made available on Amazon AWS which has a number of adjustments to make it more compatible with the AWS Debian OS.

NOTE: At the time of writing the AWS image is not directly available from the AWS marketplace, it can be found by searching the community AMIs.


Step 1: Locate the AMI

First you need to make sure you are searching the correct AWS region, select your region from the region selector on the top right menu.

Now, from the EC2 dashboard, click Launch Instance.

Select Community AMIs, then search for "nervepoint".


2. Step 2 Launch Instance

Once you find it, launch an instance by clicking Select and accepting all the defaults, but choose the instance type that would be suitable for the expected load.


3. Set Security Rules

The only thing you need to set is the security group which should allow HTTPS and SSH access.


4. Accessing the Server via the Browser

The running instance will be monitored within the Instance page on your AWS management portal. It is from the management page that you can stop, restart the server. The IP address will also be shown, simply enter https:// followed by the AWS delegated IP address. 


5. Accessing the OS via SSH

Since you have made the SSH port available in step 3 you can access the service via SSH using your assigned AWS secure key pair like so:

ssh nervepoint@<assigned IP> -i ~/.ssh/.pem

Replace <assigned IP> with your instance IP and <aws key> with your designated AWS key.