Access Manager: Adding a VLAN tagged interface


If you are operating Access Manager within a VLAN environment you may need to alter its configuration so that it supports VLAN tagged interface.

1. Login to webmin https://_HOST_:10000 (the default credentials are administrator/administrator

2. Navigate to "Software Package Updates" and click on the "Only New" states to display. In the find matching packages input field enter 'vlan' and click Search.

3. Check the box next to the package and click on the Install Selected Packages button.

4. Repeat the above process for the 'openssh-server' package.

5. Restart your VM.

You should now have access to the console of the appliance. You now need to make the following configuration changes.

First execute the following command

echo "8021q" >> /etc/modules

Next configure your VLAN interface by adding the following to /etc/network/interfaces file. Change eth0 to be whatever interface on your virtual machine you are using and change the .10 part to your VLAN ID. So for example, if your using eth1 and a VLAN ID of 20 you would use "eth1.20".

auto eth0.10
iface eth0.10 inet static
vlan-raw-device eth0

Finally reboot your VM and use ifconfig in the console to check your VLAN interface is active.

To restore the Access Manager console menu simply go back to webmin and install the package 'vmcontrol' as per the first steps in this article.