Access Manager: Getting Users Started


You've just finished setting up Access Manager for your users, now you want to start notifying your users to set-up their profiles so that they are able to use the system.


The first step is to ensure that Access Manager is able to send out messages to your users, go to Configuration > Network and expand the Mail section, ensure that the Default Sender Address is set to the email address you wish to appear. If you are not using Simple email mode then also ensure that the configuration is correct.


Next go to the Identities page select your own user account or a test account that does not have any profile settings configured. In the information section select the Profiles tab on the right should be an option “Send Incomplete Profile Reminder”, select this and the user should receive an email tells them their Access Manager profile is not yet complete and directs them to where they can set their details.


If you wish to change the email that is sent out go to Configuration > Messaging and expand the Message Templates section. Locate the template named User Profile Incomplete Email, here you can change the text of the email that is sent to users when their profiles have not yet been completed, once you have applied the changes you wish to make select Save.


You can change any of the other templates for messages that are sent by Access Manager from this section.


Now that the message has been set you can send the email to all users, go to the Dashboard. On the Dashboard are a number of charts, on the chart labelled Incomplete Profiles is an option “Send reminder email”, selecting this will give you the option to send the Incomplete Reminder Email to all of the users in Access Managers directories at once.



Now that your users are registered in the system they can successfully manage their accounts.


Automatic Notifications

In addition, the Incomplete Profile template now also includes additional options that allow Access Manager to automatically notify new and existing users when their profile's are not complete. To do this set the Automatically Remind New Users option to one of the Email, SMS, or Email and SMS options, this will be the method of notification delivery. Next set the Automatic reminder interval (days) to the number of days you would like between notifications, setting this to 0 will cause only one notification to be sent automatically when the job runs.