Access Manager: Jobs Page Overview


Jobs Page Overview

The jobs page is where the administrator can monitor and manage the jobs that Access Manager is performing. From here they can view the schedule of the jobs, cancel and configure them.

To access the jobs page you simply click on the jobs activity icon in the bottom left corner on the footer.


If the footer has been disabled the icon will not be available, in this case you can simply enter the url of the jobs page directly, for example https://serveraddress/jobs.html


Here, a list of all the jobs is displayed that are running, waiting to run or completed in the system. If you select a job, it's full status will be displayed showing you detailed information about it including:

  • Job ID
  • Status
  • Next Run
  • Last Started
  • Last Completed
  • Last Success

The status drop-down menu at the top also allows you to show only specific jobs statuses "Running" or "Completed" for example.



From here you can customise various different aspects of the jobs page. Click to expand.

Record Events - When enabled, job completion events will be recorded as events. This allows much more detail to be recorded about the jobs, but may produce a lot of events depending on the various jobs running / frequency of jobs. Hit Save to update.

Notification Messages On Failure - You can choose to messages on the failing of events to either an email address or SMS or both. Select the required message type or leave disabled. Hit Save to update. 

Use Automatically Detected Job Settings - If you are running a VX Virtual or AX Hardware appliance then these will automatically be detected and the recommended job levels will be applied to the system.