Connecting a Linux VPN client via Network Manager

Christopher Dakin

This article details installing and connecting from a Linux system with a GUI to the LogonBox VPN.

This article will detail installing onto a Debian 10 system that has Network Manager installed (WireGuard requires at least version 1.16 of Network Manager).


1. Generating the configuration file

Navigate to https://<logonboxserver> in a web browser and log on with your created user into the User Portal.


You should be presented with the User Setup page which should guide you through the setup.

Note: this page can take 10-20 seconds to load as it is currently generating your VPN config files for you.

We will ignore step 1 as this takes you to WireGuard's own client download pages. As we have Network Manager installed we can go direction to step 2.


In section 2, click the Download Configuration button to save the required .conf file.


2. Configuring WireGuard in Network Manager

First, rename your WireGuard conf file to wg0.conf


copy ~/debian-on-system.wg.conf ~/wg0.conf


You can now install the configuration with the nmcli program:

nmcli connection import type wireguard file wg0.conf


wg0 should now be visible in Network Manager's Network Connections window

If you do not want the WireGuard connection to start automatically on boot, edit the wg0 configuration here and turn off 'Connect automatically with priority' in the General tab and Save the changes.


3. Connecting the client

Click on the Network Manager icon and select Network Settings.

You can now turn the WireGuard connection on (it will have automatically connected with the default settings).


You are now connected and should be able to access internal network resources.