Create new VPN users

Christopher Dakin

After you have completed the initial Setup Wizard in the UI, you are presented with a login screen.

Log in as your admin account that was created during the Setup Wizard.

LogonBox VPN should now guide you through getting an initial VPN configuration working, which is presented as a popup on every login until you untick the option for Show this help screen again.

If you need to get these hints back after dismissing them, navigate to the Dashboard page and click Help me to get started.

The second area of configuration to look at is creating users who can connect to the VPN.


Create new users

Before your clients can start connecting, you will need to set up some user accounts which will be used to authenticate to the server.


Click the User Page link on the help popup to go directly to the Users & Permissions page.

As this is a new system, only your admin user will be in the list. Click Create to start creating a new user, or alternatively you can connect to an Active Directory.


Set appropriate values for this new user account. Username and Password are required entries, all others are optional.

Click Create to create this new user and repeat the process until you have all the users you require.